Yamhill County Sheriff's 
Mounted Posse

"Connecting Horsemanship With Community for Over 70 Years"


                           BOARD MEMBERS - elected to a 3 year term

Ken Budeau

Board Member

Sheridan, Oregon

Horse:  "Carly"

1999 Molly Mule

Fun facts about my mule: She's named after my dad, Carl

Joined YCSMP:    1997 Why I joined YCSMP:  to work with other horse people and share my knowledge of horse packing.

About me: Timberfaller for 10 years, then after 35 years of being a journeyman electrician, reitred. I was a Sheridan volunteer fireman for 25 years. For fun I packed into Idaho on horses and mules to hunt elk for 27 years.  Now I enjoy woodworking, YCSMP, camping, fishing and hunting.


Herald Levy

Board Member

Sheridan, Oregon

Horse:  "Duke" 2009 Bay 

Quarter Horse Gelding  

Fun Fact About My Horse:   

Duke is one of the youngest horses in the Posse line-up and this is his second year in the Posse.

Joined YCSMP:  1976, 

longest-time active member

My Past and Present Role in the YCSMP:

During the first 30 years as a member, I held all offices at least twice with the exception of first lieutenant which I only held once.  I served as a member of the board of directors for 14 consecutive years. Over the last several years, I see myself more as a mentor to the younger members ond officers. I do not feel that you can maintain an organization unless you support the younger members and their new ideas.  I have a goal for several years to maintain an active membership in the Posse for 50 years.


Debbie Burdick

Horse:  "Squirt"

Fun Facts About My Horse: He is a registered POA an a little escape artist!

Joined YCSMP: 2014

Why I Joined YCSMP:  I am retired from the Washington County Sheriff’s office and want to continue serving and helping my community.

About Me:  I've lived in Yamhill County for 20 yrs and my wonderful husband, Randy, and I have four great kids between us.  I've been riding horses since I was about 5 and I've shown horses and gamed most of my life.  My honors include a World Championship in Barrel Racing.  We have 6 horses, from a yearling to 12 yrs old, including a 2 yr old Foundation Quarterhorse, Josie, and a yearling AQHA Lucy.  They are my future barrel and Posse horses.  I enjoy coaching OHSET, riding trails and I'm learning extreme trail and reining.

Zach Christensen

McMinnville, Oregon

Horse:  "Wally", 2004 draft horse cross (probably  Quarter Horse x Clydesdale)

Fun Facts About My Horse:  Wally has really taken a liking to his Posse jobs and especially parades.  Get his attention and he will be glad to pose for the camera!               

Joined YCSMP:  2003

Why I Joined YCSMP: I joined the Posse as a way to incorporate horsemanship and volunteering in the community. 

About Me: By day I own and operate Christensen Farms llc, just west of McMinnville. The farm is 111 years old.  Six generations of our family have raised numerous field crops as well as many acres of Hazelnuts.  I am married to Crystalin, our current Posse Captain, and we have three great children.  When we are not riding for the Posse we enjoy the local outdoors.

Ish Duckett

Horse:  "Chance" – 2001 Arab Gelding 

Fun Facts About My Horse:  enjoys trail and parades.

Joined YCSMP:  1975. Past Captain, and 1st and second Lt.

Why I Joined YCSMP:  I was brought into the Posse by Bill Lucas.  He took Jim Heiser and I to Canyon Creek and we’ve been going ever since.  I’ve ridden and cleared the Pacific Crest Trail, parked a lot of cars, and ridden in many parades.

About Me:  After I was in the US Army occupying Japan in 1945-46, I attended Linfield College.  I met Twila, my wife of 63 years there.  We had two sons and two daughters.  Both daughters were in 4H.  We owned and operated Ish Duckett Janitorial Service for 30 years then started Duckett Realty in 1981.  I’ve belonged to the Yamhill County Association of Realtors for 37 years and have served as President of the Realtors Land Institute, spent 15 years as their Treasurer and was honored as the Oregon RLI Realtor of the year in 1988.  I’ve been a member of the McMinnville Lions Club for 61 years, served as President, and have held many other offices with that fine organization.  I was named a Melvin Jones Fellow in 1996.


Teresa Eberhardt

Horse:  "Ranger" – 2007 Tennessee Walker

Gelding 15hh 

Fun Facts About My Horse:  enjoys trail and parades.

Joined YCSMP:  2013

Why I Joined YCSMP:   I want to be a part of a prominent like minded group of citizens that represent the Sheriff’s Office on Horseback; participating in Parades, and other Community Events.  I would also like to gain a better understanding of horsemanship through the experience of the fellow Posse Members and share my experiences when called upon.

About Me:  Born in Idaho, went to school in California and settled in Oregon in 1985.  I am Married and have one Son.  I volunteer for four groups (Yamhill County Sheriff’s Posse, Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office – VRU, Yamhill County CERT and Valley View Riders – VVR: Horse Riding club). I have had a love for Horses, ever since elementary school.

Estelle L Firestone

Horses:  "Zeke" - 2000

Anglo-Arab Gelding 15.2hh and "Majik - 2000 Arab Gelding 15hh

Fun Facts About My Horses:  Zeke loves challenges.  I own Majik's father and 2 bothers too. 

Joined YCSMP:  2013

Why I Joined YCSMP:   

About Me:  I have 8 horses and hope to use them all in Posse events.  I have a lifelong passion for horses and training.  I've ridden hundreds of miles of endurance racing on my stallion and love exploring new trails.  I grew up in Portland, lived in Washington for 10+ years and moved to Sheridan area with my husband and 2 children's in December 2010.

Gary Hampton

Horse:  "Truman" - 1996 Rocky Mountain Chocolate Gelding

Fun Facts About My Horse:

Born and raised to help me get my fragile body from one end of town to the other end of town with a firetruck in front and a bagpiper behind me.

Joined YCSMP: 1993

Why I Joined YCSMP:  I joined the Posse because I wanted to work with and donate time to the community and spend time on horseback with friends that also enjoyed the same activities.  The Posse has fulfilled all of those expectations.  A Great group of men and women working to better the community. 

About Me:

During my 20+ years in the Posse, I have been honored to serve in all offices including 3 years as Captain.


Van Keck

Horse:  "Justin" 1994 - 

Morgan Gelding 16hh

Fun Facts About My Horse:  he is tall, spirited, and learns/teaches something new each ride.

Joined YCSMP: 1976.

Why I Joined YCSMP:  We joined the Posse to improve my riding skills and knowledge and training opportunities for my horse. It has been fun and a challenge to ride in this group. An opportunity to pay back the community regularly presents itself.

About Me: I'm in Active Classification and served on Board of Directors.  Have been practicing Real Estate as Broker, GRI for last 9.5 years.

Jessica Nolan

Yamhill, OR

Horse:  "Rio" - 2000

Quarter Horse, Mare 15.2hh

Fun Facts About My Horse:   I've owned Rio since she was a baby - she enjoys all the jobs and fun things we participate in, but most of all she loves to RUN 

Joined YCSMP:  2015

Why I Joined YCSMP:  I joined to be a part of a group who enjoys including our four-legged equine com-padres in our activities  and contributes to our community through volunteering, community service, and other Posse activities.

About Me:  I'm an Oregon girl, born and raised.  I attended Oregon State University and graduated with a degree in Agricultural Business Management. I'm currently a purchasing/warehouse coordinator for a heavy equip./Machinery moving Co. as well as running my own business from home.

Susie Maxson Vroman

Horses:  “Chance” is an active member at age 26.  "Butler" is 11 and has been a Posse horse since he was 3, both are Quarter Horses.

Joined YCSMP:  1996. 

Why I Joined YCSMP:  I joined the Posse to improve my horsemanship and serve my community.

About Me:  I've served in every officer capacity within the Posse, participated in over 170 parades, been actively involved in every “hands on” training and qualified on the range with the Sheriff’s Office.  I’ve been a State Certified member of Search and Rescue and was one of 5 Mounted Officers in the multi agency MRT Team trained for Y2K.  I actively participate in Oregon Association of Mounted Posse events and have represented Yamhill County during horsemanship challenges such as Shodeo and SAR Symposium.  I train, ride and show dressage, western pleasure, english pleasure, reining and competitive trail, along with being an avid trail/wilderness equestrian.


Also members:

Keri Fresh

Jim Heiser

John Nyberg

Jeannie Osterholm

Harold "Shag" Roark

Steve Weiher

Wayne Weiher

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